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Art & Science of Multi-Sensory Dining


Food is More Than Taste

4 Week Online Course

Starts 01 Aug 2022

What Will I Learn?

While the terms 'modernist cuisine' or 'molecular gastronomy' have been overhyped in recent times, its advocates have clearly had a profound and lasting effect on the contemporary gastronomic landscape. Ferran Adrià, Heston Blumenthal, Massimo Bottura, to name a few, have changed how we taste, enjoy, relate to and experience food. A multi-sensory approach to dining triggers the evocative power of memory as well as shape our cultural and social identities through the dining experience. 
This course covers the growing popularity of this culinary trend, its philosophical basis, importance and global influence. Explore the creative processes and scientific research behind its success, as well as the future of multi-sensory dining. 

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Course Structure


Participants will develop knowledge, applicable across a number of domains, and be able to apply new skills and practices by honing of creative processes that provide the basis for the design of multi-sensory dining experiences.

Weekly topics include:

The Art of Multi-Sensory Dining

The Chefs Advocating It

The Science Behind It

Future Trends

Gastronomy and science academics and students; chefs, hospitality professionals; restaurant reviewers; and passionate food amateurs will benefit from this course.

Meet Your Instructor

Neil Gow

Participant Stories

Helena Simoes


This was definitely a great experience. This course made me enhance my abilities in the world of food experiences. I used to embrace my work in a different avant guarde way, and I now have discovered that all is in line with the concepts of modernist cuisine. I truly believe I am much more richer knowledge-wise from this point on. 

Shanika Wilson


I found this course to be very informative. It has opened my mind to a lot of new trends and technology used in the food and dining industry. It was good to share in discussion forums and real time learning with other participant's experiences. Attending Le Cordon Bleu was an all time dream and this online course made it possible. I cannot wait to do another one.

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