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Challenges & Solutions in the Global Food System 


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Explore the historical connection and context of fermentation and how this relates to today. History has taught us our approach to food is reliant on a rich tapestry and narrative. Fermentation means conserving and preserving, and this is a skill that we can all master.
This introductory course is for non-food professionals interested in food tradition and the health benefits of fermented foods. Learn to follow, practice and develop ferments with confidence, for your own use at home or in a professional capacity.
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Course Structure

This course aims to provide learners with the skills and techniques to practice fermentation daily. 

Weekly topics include:

Why We Are Where We Are

Value Versus Welfare; A World Without Bees

Supermarkets - Waste Not, Want Not

Our Future in Our Past

Chefs looking to enhance their knowledge and expertise, restaurant/café owners wanting to diversify their menus, and entrepreneurs/artisans looking for new opportunities will also benefit from this course.

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Hilary Heslop

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