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Food Business Innovation: 

Bring Your Dream to Market


What Does Innovation Really Mean?

10 Week Online Course

Starts 27 June 2022

What Will I Learn?

Innovation has been the loudest buzzword of business for the past 20 years, but what does it actually mean? How can you apply it to your own food business, and most importantly what are the tools that will unlock the power of innovation for your own enterprise?
This course is designed to help you start your food business: from idea to prototype, from business plan to market. The focus is to develop a competitive edge for your business idea or product in our saturated, globalized world of food. Through the course of lively class discussions, case-studies and hands-on experience, you will develop the critical, design-led innovation knowledge and tools you need to start your food business with confidence.      

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27 Jun - 04 Sep 2022

10 week course 


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Course Structure

Define and scope new opportunities or products for a food business and develop breakthrough insights to improve or inspire your start-up.    

Weekly topics include:

Define Your Opportunity with Clarity

Scope for Success

Free Your Mind - Expansive Thinking 

Develop Inspirational Insights

Commercialise Your Idea

Make it Real - Develop Your Prototype

Test, Evolve and Improve Your Product

Competitive Positioning

Articulate Your Unique Selling Proposition

Ready For Launch

This course will appeal to food entrepreneurs and individuals wanting to start a food business and those who have an idea or concept but need the tools to move from dream to commercial product. 

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Alexander Runne

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