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Food in Art


Cook-Eat-Taste Through Art

10 Week Online Course

What Will I Learn?

Food has been widely represented in art to deliver ideas, aspirations and emotions through creative work across history and around the world. We can view art as the embodiment of cultural, social, and political values from ancient civilizations to the present. By studying food in art and food as art we can observe values of the time and changes in culinary styles - in cooking, eating and tasting.
Food in Art is a course to inspire you and discover perspectives of food from artistic and historical angles. Explore food and wine aesthetics, and symbolism in art and study a wide range of artworks (from paintings to literature to film to photography). Attention will focus on what food means for the artist, in the culture where it was created, and what role it plays to communicate a message that is relevant for the cultural, political, and social background of the time period and for the future.     

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This course will elevate your gastronomic experience of art and your artistic experience of gastronomy. 

Weekly topics include:

Introduction to Food in Art

Prehistory, Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome

The Middle Ages

The Renaissance and Baroque Periods

The 19th and 20th Centuries

Food in Modern Sculptures, Installations, Performances & Fashion

Food in Literature 

Food in Photography

Food in Film

Food in Art and Hospitality

Anyone interested in the culinary arts and fine art will benefit from this course.

Meet Your Instructor

Demet Güzey

Participant Stories

Francesca Greco


This course enabled me to explore time and space without physical limitations. I met authors, painters, artists, film writers and photographers. I dined with people who lived thousands of years ago, sat at the table of the Last Supper to eat boiled fish with oranges, gilded my food on Valentine’s Day, and celebrated a surreal birthday with Salvador Dali. Thank you to my classmates from around the world and to Demet Guzey for guiding us through the course so thoughtfully, professionally, and enthusiastically. 

Maria Julia Vacas


I have enjoyed this course with Le Cordon Bleu and I have learnt a topic unknown to me and very interesting. As an Art Teacher I had not seen food as art until I took this course. It opened my eyes to a new and interesting topic to consider in my profession as an Art Teacher.

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