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What Will I Learn?

Global media is full of reports of ultra-healthy foods, from blueberries to chia seeds. Often these articles claim to reflect the latest scientific evidence and assure readers that eating these foods will provide ‘health kicks’, strong immunity and youthfulness. However, actual evidence concerning the benefits of these foods is harder to identify. Buzzwords such as 'superfood', 'clean eating' and 'powerfood', for example, are becoming increasingly popular worldwide and are used as influential sales pitches, while often misunderstood in the marketing of nutritional menu items. 
  This course encourages research of nutritional claims and promotes an awareness of the difference between food trends, facts and fads. Participants will develop a greater awareness of current and potential culinary wellness income streams, food trends to pursue and fads to avoid, as well as understanding the legalities around nutritional claims.    

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Course Structure

This course will help you clearly understand the nutritional information required to support menus and products, and eating healthy diet.     

Weekly topics include:

Food Facts, Fads and Fiction

Menus and Marketing: Claim vs Aim

Macro and Micro Nutrients

Gastronomic Nutrition

Professionals wanting to enter or add a food service stream to their existing business model and lifelong learners interested in introducing proven nutritional health trends into their daily diets will benefit from this course.

Meet Your Instructor

Samantha Gowing

Participant Stories

Paula Wilson


Excellent course, I now have a better understanding of nutritional values of foods and the impact on our health and wellbeing. The knowledge and enthusiasm for the topic provided by the Chef/Tutor helped immensely to the learning experience.

Giselle Arieu 


After taking this course, it not only helps me relearn some of the fundamental knowledge about food but it also provided me with a totally new perspective of how we should eat and what new food trends are out there. I would definitely recommend this course everyone!

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