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Certificate in Plant-Based Pâtisserie 


Classic Recipes with Plant-Based Alternatives

10 Week Online Course

Starts 30th May 2022

What Will I Learn?

The most innovative, on-trend developments in the culinary world is the move towards sustainable diets and plant-based ingredients. The perception of luxury food items being highly calorific, high in sugar and saturated fats can be transformed to becoming light and healthy while maintaining their superior quality, texture flavour and taste.
This course provides plant-based substitutions with respect to the classical techniques and skills of pâtisserie art and science. Recipes incorporate new ingredients which are rapidly evolving the   
pâtisserie space, such as potato starch and inulin, and techniques in aeration, emulsification, thickening and setting. All recipes are plant-based and the course also includes recipes which are gluten free and suitable for specific dietary requirements. Participants will be provided with recipe cards, video instruction and live learning with Le Cordon Bleu Master Pâtisserie Chefs.  

This course is delivered in collaboration with Le Cordon Bleu London


Learn at your own convenience

30 May 2022 - 
14 Aug 2022

3 months course 


60 Hours of Learning

6 hours per week of learning

Live Learning Sessions

Every week with your chef instructor

Global Networking

Network with Industry Experts

Recognised Certification

Globally recognised certification

Course Structure

Each week you will be provided with step-by-step instructions for a selection of recipes linked to the topics listed below. The Chef instructor will guide you through each recipe using video instruction, recipes, assessment and live sessions with the Chef instructor. Ingredient and equipment lists are provided weekly.

Weekly topics include:

Dairy Substitution

Nut Butters & Spreads

Aeration, Egg Replacement

Emulsion, Egg Replacement

Plant-Based Pastry, Puff Pastry 



Introduction to Setting Agents (Modern Tart)

Setting Agents (Entremets)


Chefs and home cooks of all levels can enhance their knowledge and expertise learning a new approach to   

pâtisserie arts backed by health research.

Recipes are provided each week; participants are required to purchase ingredients to make each dish and submit images or videos of their creations as assessment.

Course Introduction

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