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Principles of Gastronomy


Influences of Food & Drink in Society & Culture

10 Week Online Course

Starts 21 February 2022

What Will I Learn?

Explore the world of gastronomy and discover the philosophical and methodological principles related to cuisine. In understanding the background to gastronomy, you can develop critical and analytical skills to enhance your knowledge of issues concerning food and drink in culture(s) in historical and contemporary contexts. 
  Principles of Gastronomy enriches you with the knowledge and skills to reflect in a meaningful way to the sustainable production and consumption of food in the modern world.  This includes presenting creative and innovative solutions to current and future problems regarding food production, distribution and consumption.    

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21 Feb - 01 May 2022

10 week course 


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Course Structure

Participants will (critically) explore contemporary gastronomy by developing an understanding of the cultural and social underpinnings of gastronomy.

Weekly topics include:

Introduction to Gastronomy

Gastronomy as Social Practice

Food and Culture

Food Choices

Drinks and Drinking Through Time 

Drink in Contemporary Society

Cuisines and Cooking

Gastronomy and Books

Eating and Sharing Food

Gastronomy and the Commercial Experience

People in a food and drink related business and those interested in food as a leisure activity, who seek an understanding gastronomy and why we take pleasure in eating and drinking and its impact on society and culture will benefit from this course.

Meet Your Instructor

Dr. David Scott

Participant Stories

Katinka Lansink


The course was very interesting in terms of the variety in topics. The literature and guidance made me think more in-depth about the many topics. Discussions, both written and live, were interesting due to the variety in background of all the students and differing points of view. It is a pity that the course went so fast, everyone would have loved for the course to be longer and continue to learn. Thank you, Le Cordon Bleu!

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